The Club is open at the following times, providing the following service:

Standard Club opening hours
Access outside of standard opening hours can be arranged by special request or for exclusive events. 

Monday – Wednesday: 8.00am – 6.00pm

Thursday & Friday: 8am – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Further Access: Resident guests have access to their rooms and a separate sitting room (and Billiard room upon request) on the first floor outside of opening hours.

All the rooms in the Club house are freely accessible for members and their guests during our standard opening hours, each room has its individual use and ambience. However rooms can be reserved for private use, meetings or exclusive events by contacting the head steward:

01603 626 767 ext 2, or

Members Rooms


Formerly the Smoking room, this is the most traditional of Club rooms. Ladies have been allowed access since 1993. Where members retire for coffee and port after dinner or read the papers and snooze during the day.

Capacity: Standard seated 40 – Theatre seated 60 – Standing 60.
Facilities: Papers, magazines, desk space, library, access to Back Terrace.

Dining room

Part of the original extension after the sale in 1887. A stunning Victorian tall dining room, with two bay windows originally overlooking the bowling green.

Max capacity: Seated Cabaret 64, Open U 64, Club table 18, Theatre 70, Standing 90

Facilities: full restaurant service, serving station and servery adjoining. Access to Back Terrace.


The walls are decorated with modern art on loan from members. The well stocked bar is the main heart of the Club house, where cold drinks and expert coffees are served any time of day. Sandwiches and Club menu dishes are served for lunch.

Max Capacity: Seated 20 – Standing 30
Facilities: Espresso coffee machine, Stocked bar, Club menu and sandwiches.

Morning room

The walls are decorated with modern art on loan from members or presented by the Fairhurst Gallery for sale. Used as a space adjoining the bar, and possible to spill over or close off for exclusive use.

Max Capacity: Seated 20 – Standing 30
Facilities: see Bar.

Norfolk rooms

Two main function rooms upstairs, divided into two parts. Hung with Norfolk family portraits on the one side and their horses on the other. This room can be used as a whole for Committee meetings, private banquets or smaller meetings in individual rooms.

Max Capacity Double: Banquet dining setting 28, Theatre style 50
Max Capacity Single: Square or long table 12, Theatre style 25
Facilities: Buffet and coffee hot plates.

Billiards room

Upstairs at back of the building, built by the Club as an extension after the sale in 1887. Original full size snooker table and podium placed in stunning roof lit Billiards hall. Informal seating on Podium for afternoon and evening entertainment, or just a few frames between friends. Soon to be equipped with own bay window bar. Ideal for private evening parties.

Max Capacity: Meetings 24 – Seated 30 – Standing 80
Facilities: Bay window Bar, Full size snooker table, piano.

Ladies drawing room

Originally the room upstairs where ladies withdrew after dinner, or refreshed themselves throughout the day. Their adjoining cloak room has now been turned into our Office, but the room is still a comfortable and calm room to use for informal meetings or private lunches.

Max Capacity – Seated 6 – Standing 20
Facilities: Computer, Television, buffet hotplates.

Back Terrace

Newly built by the Back family for outside enjoyment of the Club. On summer days Lunch is served outside, but ideal for outside entertainment and barbecues.

Max Capacity: Seated 16, Standing 40
Facilities: Smoking allowed, evening lighting, outside sockets. Access to Dining room, Library and back carpark.


Since 2018, the Club has refurbished the former 30s Squash court, jointly with Norwich School transformed the building to a modern state of the art Gymnasium. Spinning bicycles, weights, bars and ropes, sounds system as well as a small shower room, and changing room are available.

Membership for the Gymnasium is included in the annual subscription fee. Members who have filled out a Gymnasium joining form are given the door code and available days and times of use by members.



5 Parking places at the front of the Club are available on a first come first serve basis for £4 per half day, please book through the stewards at the bar: or call 01603 626767 ext 1.

Access: the front carpark is accessible during the opening hours of the Club, between 8am and 6pm on weekdays, and 10am-3.00pm on Saturdays . For any other times by special arrangement with the stewards only.


Parking at the back of the Club is accessible by using the membership card on the gate.

Parking subscriptions are available on a full time basis (level 1) or after 10am (level 2).

Occasional use of the back carpark is available after 10am, by using your membership card and paying a fee of £4.00 per day.

Access: the back carpark can be reached via St Faith’s Gate, from Tombland, next to St Ethelberts gate to the Cathedral Close.

Please note that parking on Club premises is at your own risk and the Club is not responsible for any loss or damage caused on private premises.

Meeting Rooms

The Club is happy to host meetings for the members, but please consider other members when doing so.

For informal meetings by members there will be no charge. But please check availability with the steward before-hand, and are arranged on first come first serve basis. Coffee, parking and room service are not included in such meetings and any orders can be made at the bar.

For formal, commercial or exclusive meetings a room charge will be charged to the organiser according to the prices below.

During standard Club opening hours members will not be charged a service charge or room hire fee unless a private event is being held for over 10 guests or is of a commercial nature.

Outside standard Club opening hours: A service charge will be made dependant on gross staff costs, together with a 20% margin to cover VAT and extra expenses.

Members will be charged a room hire fee based on the time and rooms. This hiring fee covers preparation, maintenance, laundry, electricity and heating costs.

Private dining

The Club is available for private parties and dining, please go to the Dining page on this website.

Service charge and room hire

Dining Room £60 £90 £75 £110
Library £60 £90 £75 £110
Morning Room/Bar £45
Norfolk Rooms £45
Ladies Drawing Room £45 £60 £55 £75
Billiards Room £60 £90 £75 £110
Whole Ground Floor £160 £240 £195 £290
Whole Club Building £320 £480 £385 £575

These charges will be reviewed regularly by the Committee.