Events and Functions

Because the Club is a non-profit making organisation run for the benefit of the membership as a whole, members will be charged direct for any meetings or functions taking place at the Club unless authorised by the Club Secretary.

Meeting rooms

For informal meetings by members there will be no charge. Please check availability with the steward before-hand, and are arranged on first come first serve basis. Coffee, parking and room service are not included in such meetings and any orders can be made at the bar. For formal, commercial or exclusive meetings a room charge will be charged to the organiser according to the prices below.

Dining room bookings 

All Lunch dining room bookings are to be made with the steward. For functions or groups over 8 guests advance bookings are obligatory, unless authorised by the Club Secretary.

Bookings for the exclusive use of the Dining Room during standard Club opening hours must be for a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 60 people. This will be charged at the minimum number if the room is not released at least 7 working days prior to the function. The Club reserves the right to move your booking to another room if the function number falls below the minimum.


Final numbers for functions must be confirmed by telephone or email no later than 4.00pm, three working days before the event. Please note that bookings are taken by the Duty Steward between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Visitors and guest list

All members must show a valid Membership Card to the Duty Steward on entry to the Club if requested. All guests must be introduced and signed in. Please supply a list of all those attending an event. Names must be entered in the Guest book if names do not appear on the list.

Reciprocal guests and other guests 

For all functions for reciprocal guests, member prices are used with a 10% surcharge.   Reciprocal guests must produce a letter of introduction and credit or debit card details prior to the event. Separate prices are used for other guests.


In case of a function being cancelled the following charges will apply:

  • Any cancellation made less than 7 working days from the event: room hire and staff costs, 2/3 of the food account and any other expenses incurred.
  • Any cancellation made on the day of the event: room hire, staff costs, 100% of food account and any other expenses incurred.

All cancellations must be made in writing to the Secretary.

Deposits and Invoices

Functions with a charge of over £500 are to pay a deposit of £250 when the booking is made Invoices are to be paid within a week of being rendered.


Club rules prohibit the tipping of staff. It is a dismissible offence for a member of staff to accept a gratuity. A discretionary 5% contribution to the staff fund will be added to all function bills.

Dress code

Members and their guests must be properly dressed at all times in the Club buildings or may otherwise be asked to change or leave by the Secretary. Ladies and gentlemen are requested not to wear shorts, denim and the like.


Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult member.

Mobile Telephones

The use of mobile telephones is strictly prohibited within public rooms of the Club. A designated telephone box is available in the front hall for telephoning.


Smoking is not permitted in any area of the Club including at meetings or functions or in bed rooms. Guests must be advised of this.

Club charges

The club has a pricing policy to provide an affordable service to our subscription paying members, while also supporting external functions.

General Margins

On all food and beverages at functions and for individual users, a margin is charged to cover the cost of kitchen staff, VAT and other overheads. The margins are set at:

  • MEMBERS – 50%
  • NON-MEMBERS – 68%


This is to be paid on all beverages brought in, and is charged per bottle, crate, tray or keg, to cover for service costs and use of glassware:

Sparkling or still wine £5.00 £9.00
Spirits £7.50 £12.00
Soft drinks over 1l. £1.50 £3
Beer or ale over 500ml £1.50 £3 (or priced per crate, tray or keg)

Service Charge and Room Hire

During standard Club opening hours (Mon-Fri 8am-7.30pm, Sat 9.30am-2.30pm): members will not be charged a service charge or room hire fee unless a private event is being held for over 10 guests or is of a commercial nature.

Outside standard Club opening hours: A service charge will be made dependant on gross staff costs, together with a 20% margin to cover VAT and extra expenses.

Members will be charged a room hire fee based on the time and rooms. This hiring fee covers preparation, maintenance, laundry, electricity and heating costs.

Half day Whole day Half day Whole day
Dining room £60 £90 £75 £110
Library £60 £90 £75 £110
Morning room/Bar £45 (half)
£60 (both)
£55 (half)
£75 (both)
Norfolk rooms £45 (half)
£60 (both)
£55 (half)
£75 (both)
Drawing room £45 £60 £55 £75
Snooker room £60 £90 £75 £110
Whole ground floor £160 £240 £195 £290
Whole Club building £320 £480 £385 £575

These charges will be reviewed regularly by the Committee.

Bedroom charges

Bedroom bookings are to be made directly with the Duty Steward and will be confirmed via email.

Norfolk Club Room rates 2017 (Weekdays Monday to Friday) – prices per night.

Weekdays Saturday Sunday
Room 1 – Single with washbasin £35 £45 £38.50
Room 2 – Single with washbasin £35 £45 £38.50
Room 3 – Single en-suite £40 £50 £44
Room 4 – Double with washbasin £50 £60 £55
Room 5 – Double en-suite £60 £70 £66
Room 6 – Double with washbasin £50 £60 £55


There is a 10% discount for weekend bookings from Saturday to Monday.

For bookings over 3 days there is a 10% discount on the price.
For block bookings a charge will be made taking into account seasonal trends and costs incurred by the Club.

Standard Club opening hours

Further Access: Resident guests have access to their rooms and a separate sitting room on the first floor outside of opening hours.
8.00am – 7.30pm 9.30am – 2.30pm Closed
Breakfast 8.30-10.30am 9.45-11.00am
(Pre-booked only) Unavailable 

Dining/Lunch 12.30-2.15pm 12.30-2.15pm (Pre-booked only) Unavailable
Sandwiches and bar menu 12 noon to 7pm 12 noon to 2pm Unavailable