On 9th June 1770 a number of men “most sanguinely moved and proposed as follows: That a Select Number of intimate Friends in the County of Norfolk (not exceeding fourteen) do dine together at the Bell Tavern in the Market Place Norwich upon the last Saturday in the months of June, July, August 1770 and in the months of April, May, June, July and August in the next ensuing year for ten years to come”.

This document is framed and hangs in the Club Library. It was not until 1887 that the Norfolk Club, then occupying rented accommodation on Guildhall Road, purchased the present premises at 17 Upper King Street. The purchase price was £3,600.

The building itself could well be contemporary with the foundation of the Club for we know that the house was built in the eighteenth century on land which once formed part of the Greyfriars precinct. The old wall in St. Faith’s Lane, behind the Club, was the boundary between the Cathedral Close and Greyfriars. At the time the house was built, or not long after, it was the premises of the Harvey and Hudson Bank and continued to be until 1866 when the bank was transferred to the new Crown Bank, now Hardwick House.

When the Club acquired the building certain alterations were made; first the present dining room block was built in 1888, then in the following year the Library was created from two smaller rooms. The mosaic tiles in the hall replaced the old flagstones. The Club moved in about Christmas 1888 and has been there ever since.

The entrance


The membership of the Club is represented by The Club Committee, consisting of 11 committee members as well as Club officers. The Committee is elected by the Annual General Meeting.

There are several sub-committees elected by the Club Committee:

– The Finance and General Purposes Committee
– The Events Committee
– The Membership Taskforce
– The House Committee
The Club officers are:

The Club President, who is elected annually and is supported by a Vice President.

The Club Chairman, who chairs the Club Committee meetings and is elected for 3 years.

The Honorary Treasurers, who review the Club accounts for a period of 3 years.

The Club Secretary, who supports the Club Committee and oversees the daily running of the Club.

The Norfolk Club is supervised by 4 Club Trustees, who safeguard the property of the Club, including its Clubhouse.



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